Hi, I'm Adri. Welcome to the inside of my mind.

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    Must say I was glad to finally have learned the concept of winged liner


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    Pretty sure my boyfriend is only dating me because he feels sorry for me and because I make money. It’s nothing new or surprising. I “bitch” too much and my feelings never matter. Who in their right mind could find anything about me to like anyways.

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    A normal girl with a nice body can post a nude and she’ll be called every name in the book and get mad hate yet a model who doesn’t look quite as good as her can do the same and it’s okay. You people are hypocritical as fuck. Don’t open your mouth if you can’t back your shit up.
    And news flash, most people don’t give a shit about your opinion anyway.

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    Goals before this year comes to an end.

    Once I get my car back from getting a new engine;

    - save at least 3,000 for a fuckin apartment. (WHICH MEANS actually look and call places up)
    - pay my school so they can unlock my classes
    - buy laptop. do school work!
    - save until I have enough for an actual new car and to trade my current one in
    - save save save LOTS until I feel comfortable enough to move to Florida.

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    Donchya wish your girlfriend had tits like me

    If it makes you less sad, every picture you paint I will paint myself out.

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    We were watching Futurama and he told me if I grew tentacles, that he’d still love me.

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    Not all the cigarettes and bottles of booze in the world can cure the sadness you feel.

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    Kitty heaven.
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    I’m handsome and I know it.
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    Lost my Chipotle virginity today.

    Adults act like doing drugs is such a bad thing. Don’t get me wrong, HARDCORE drugs like meth, dope, crack and anything of that sort, yes. They will never enter my body and should never enter anyone else’s at all for that matter. But if you like to trip out, fuck. Go for it. Not all the time because it’s not good. Ever wonder why adults are so stuck up and miserable all the time? They could use some shrooms in their morning bagel or a nice joint along with their coffee and maybe then they’ll open their mind a tad bit and quit being so ignorant.

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