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tulipa by pusiblancas on Flickr.
    "Man is born to live, not to prepare for life."

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adopted her today, she has only one but its a gem

if you dont reblog this I’m judging you
Blanket of azaleas enhances Greenfield Gardens, Wilmington, a 210-acre municipal park enclosing a five-fingered lake. Bald cypresses stud the shallow water. Wilmingtonians celebrate the Azalea Festival each spring when the flowers blossom.
National Geographic - February, 1962

fucking thank you

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Handmade Australian Blue Opal doublet, 14K Gold. Comes with a faux-leather necklace & FREE shipping inside the US. (: Chances are if your birthday is coming up then your birth stone may be opal. This one has brilliant flash and fire. $44 shipped! #opal #opaljewelry #crystals #opalnecklace #gold

The flashes look even better in person. d:

Sempiternal Trip